What is Stamakai® Leansm?

Stamakai® Leansm represents GEI's approach to helping manufacturing and service industry companies aggressively eliminate waste, increase speed and throughput, and generate greater profits.


The improvement model shows several modes of improvement. One size does not fit all. One company and even one department or area within a plant may have very different business issues than another company, department, or area. Standardizing, Maintaining, Kaizen, and Kaikaku® are each unique approaches to improving. We believe you need to understand which mode of improvement is right for a given situation. That's where the Stamakai® Leansm Improvement Model comes in. Stamakai® is an acronym that stands for standardize, maintain, kaizen and Kaikaku®.

In many cases, standardizing around the one best existing process is the most effective way to start an improvement effort. If multiple shifts or multiple similar processes are all doing work in different ways (tools, methods, layouts, etc.), significant gain can be made by standardizing around the best way work is currently being done. Then you can take a look at improving the work using kaizen or Kaikaku® modes of improvement. Once the improvements are implemented, then you go back to standardizing and maintaining to sustain the gains.

Improvement is not an option in manufacturers and service providers today. It is a prerequisite to staying in business! The auto industry is one of the most aggressive at enforcing year-to-year cost reductions on suppliers. It is only a short matter of time before many other industries follow suit. Stamakai® Leansm is an extremely effective approach to helping companies position themselves to excel.

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