Results Achieved

We take great pride in the fact that GEI delivers results. Our consultants understand the pressure our clients feel to produce demonstrable and quantifiable results. The following list includes some examples of Stamakai® Leansm improvements from projects our consultants have led. Results vary based on many factors, but these results are from actual GEI projects:

  • Changeover reduction of 50% -- $1,250,000 cost avoidance in new equipment on critical path process.

  • First-time yield improvement from 40% to 99% -- changed handling methods generated $4,000,000 annual savings.
  • Changeover reduction of 62% -- reduced need for 1 shift; transferred 7 employees to value adding production jobs; resulted in $300,000 annual savings.
  • Changeover reduction of 77% -- reduced WIP by 65% and increased floor space by 2200 sq. ft., opening an area for a new value adding accessory; freed up $1,200,000 of capital for other uses.
  • Reduced non-value added inspection jobs by 50% -- eliminated 50% of forklifts and drivers required to transport product; resulted in $135,000 annual savings.
  • Reduced coil steel inventory by 85% -- from 46 days-on-hand to 4 days-on-hand; resulted in $5,000,000 of freed up capital.
  • Line changeover reduced from 18 minutes to zero minutes - resulted in 16% increase in output and 9% improvement in yield.
  • First time yield improvement of 41%.
  • Reduced non-value added inspection requirements by 50%.
  • Found 60% of handling damage was due to current material flow methods - resulted in $800,000 annual savings; avoided $3,000,000 capital proposal. Cost of the improvement was $6,000.
  • Machine center changeover was reduced from 9 hours to 35 minutes resulting in annual savings of $300,000. The plant leveraged the improvement idea to 7 other machines resulting in total savings of $2.1 million.
  • Reduced machine changeover from 4 hours to 5 minutes - resulted in annual savings of $150,000 machine. Opportunity to leverage to 10 other machines.
  • Utilizing Stamakai® Leansm, one of our clients recorded savings of over $8 million in less than one year.
  • Your savings will be a function of the specific projects selected. As demonstrated by these examples, you should expect aggressive and substantial results!


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