Client Feedback, Quotes, and Testimonials

The best information we can provide about GEI's effectiveness in serving our clients comes from our clients themselves. We will periodically update this section as projects wrap up and key milestones are met. But for now, here's what our clients are saying:

"I used the services of GEI for one year. As a Director of a $40B high tech firm, I chose GEI for their proven track record, and integrity. GEI provides practical solutions and immediate results to the bottom line. With a hunger to eliminate waste, GEI will cut costs and improve your manufacturing, and white collar processes. If supply chain is a major concern to you, GEI has first rate resources to help you make the fast yet sustainable changes your business needs.

Easy to learn and apply Lean techniques, coupled with measurement tools, makes it simple for a company no matter how big or small, to continue to make tactical and strategic changes after the consultants are long gone. How many of you have had this experience with a consulting firm before?"
Lois, Client 2001

"Throughout the course of my career, I've been through many training seminars on Lean manufacturing. Every seminar gave me information about how a plant that focuses on Lean manufacturing should run. GEI's Stamakai Lean training gave me the tools and showed me how to 'get there from here'".
"GEI has shown us the need for change and how to accomplish this change. Through continuous improvement we should be able to reach world class status."
"Through GEI, I got a well-rounded education of all the different aspects of white collar and blue collar situations in a manufacturing environment. It has greatly enhanced my ability on how to handle all the different situations that might occur in my day-to-day operations while dealing with performing different kaizen events."
"GEI training material is very user-friendly and easy to communicate. It is structured enough to maintain training discipline and flexible enough for broad, practical application."
"Four years ago, Hoffo/Comet Industries, Inc. decided to pursue a continuous improvement and lean manufacturing strategy. We selected the GEI team, as consultants to help us analyze our needs and develop our implementation plan. This has proven to be a wise and effective choice. Our first two projects achieved cost savings which more than offset the expense of initial consultation and training. We are very pleased with the results and have recommended their methods and personnel to others."
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SGL Carbon Group
Citation Corporation (Foundries)

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