Clients & Industries Served

Although GEI clients come from a variety of industries (automotive, aerospace, appliance, and foundry) and types of companies (repetitive, job shop, engineer-to-order, etc.), there is one thing they all have in common. Our clients are focused on eliminating waste and becoming Leansm.
A partial list of our distinguished clients includes:

Lucent Technologies
Ford Motor Company, Tier 1 and Tier 2 Suppliers
Citation Corporation (Foundries)
United Technologies
Allied Signal
Rolls-Royce Allison, Tier 1 Suppliers
SGL Carbon Group
Miller Pipeline
Prince Manufacturing
Eimo Americas
IPCC - International Precision Components Corp
IBIS Consulting, Inc.
Woods Wire
Fibers of Kalamazoo
State of Maryland

The following two examples show the diversity in how companies implement Stamakai® Leansm. Notice how the components of Stamakai® Leansm are phased in over time. Both implementations were very quick, but they were also extremely logical for each company's unique business issues and needs.



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